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Oscar Mayer: Wake Up & Smell The Bacon

People love waking up to the smell of bacon, but how do you do that without waking up to make bacon in the first place?

Introducing Oscar Mayer’s Wake Up & Smell The Bacon — an iPhone attachment and alarm clock app that woke you up to the smell of Oscar Mayer bacon.

We gave it away online and launched it with an integrated digital & social campaign, and guess what? People loved it.


The campaign made Oscar Mayer the most talked-about bacon brand in America.

To promote the device, we made a ridiculous video that LA Weekly called "hipsterrific," among other things.


The video and social media led bacon fans to a website where they could learn more about Oscar Mayer Bacon, the Alarm Clock, and most importantly, where they could sign up to get their very own.


Made with hickory smoke & mouthwatering sizzle, alongside Ricky Anolik, under David Yankelewitz & Aaron Mosher at 360i